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When you want effective warmth you can count on, ask about boilers in Carpentersville, Illinois, from Controlled Comfort HVAC Inc.

They can be used with your current radiator or sub-floor heating system to provide comforting heat, despite how chilly it is.

Aging boilers are known for being deficient, but that’s far from the circumstance now. modern boilers carry up to a 95% AFUE rating, in which case they’re very innovative in converting energy into heat.

With elements including cast-iron heat exchangers and titanium burners, new boilers are developed to deliver hassle-free heat for years. A large amount of modern heaters don’t have a pilot light, in turn making them safer and more trusted.

We procure an assortment of gas-fired water heaters, oil-fired water heaters and gas-fired steam boilers. Contact us at 224-412-8308 right away and our heating and cooling pros will help you pick the most appropriate system for your property.

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4 Advantages of Obtaining a New Boiler

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Fitting a high-efficiency boiler to your residence gives you immense perks, such as:
  1. Easy maintenance—You won’t have to clear ducts or replace filters, because heaters deliver temperature via water.
  2. Halts allergy distribution—Boilers don’t disperse allergens, so they may be helpful for homes with allergy sufferers.
  3. Impressive zone control—Boilers support better zone control, so it’s more effortless to adjust the climate from room to room.
  4. Say goodbye to dry air—Enjoy more precise humidity with a furnace system, since radiant energy doesn’t dry the air.

Enjoy More Dependable Heating with a Modern Boiler

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